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– Papua New Guinea Peaberry CERTIFICATIONS –

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Papua New Guinea Peaberry

Bunum Wo Kula
This beautiful, hand-sorted PNG Peaberry offers delightful aromas of sweet maple syrup and carmelized strawberry rhubarb. Rich chocolate and hazelnut notes dominate the cup, finishing in a silky and long-lasting aftertaste.


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Origin: Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands
Varietal: Unknown
Altitude: 1550 MaSL
Processing: Kula
Single Origin
Dark Roast
Heritage coffee. These are classic coffees we have sourced since back in the day, yet have not purchased and offered in several years. As we find the new processing modulations, creating enriched and exciting flavor attributes, with examples such as anaerobic and carbonic macerated fermentation, added to the traditional methods of processing, washed, semi-washed, pulp natural or honey, and natural, we are finding a renaissance and expansion of flavor in the cup. The Peaberry, which comes from a mutation within the coffee cherry, whereas one half of the “nut,” or two beans normally formed, fails to develop, leaving just one bean to receive the energy of two in the cherry’s development. It is a minimal inclusion in the overall harvests of all origins, with most countries opting not to sort the coveted peaberry out of the general mix during processing. Historical and classic peaberry coffees include, Costa Rica, Kona, Papua New Guineau and Tanzania. The Bunum Wo Kula process, which is exclusive to Benchmark Coffee, our source for this fine lot from Papua New Guinea, is described as follows, “A fermentation process of three days broken every 24 hours by washing – but unlike most other coffees, the Kula process follows this by total immersion in water for a further day, which creates a superior coffee. Careful conditioning of 21 days is followed by hulling, grading, color sorting and finally hand sorting. This, combined with rigorous quality control before packing, produces one of the best coffees from Papua New Guinea.” “All coffees bearing the “Kula” name are dried on raised beds and go through two rounds of color-sorts and two rounds of hand-sorts. This extra processing creates one of the cleanest PNG coffees being produced today.” We concur. Enjoy!
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sumatra suku batak coffee

Sumatra Suku Batak

Similar to a big, jammy Petite Sirah red wine, our Sumatra Suku Batak offers an individual character in the cup, unlike no other origin. It is heavy bodied with mellow acidity, offering flavors of cedar, fresh earth, leather, and herbal nuance. The dark roast lends some sweet, syrupy caramelization to the finish.

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