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merging art and technology

The art is in the development of full flavor. Each coffee origin will react differently in the roasting environment based upon several factors, which include, the coffee varietal, the altitude at which it is grown, how it is processed and the moisture content at time of roasting. The application of heat during roasting must be carefully applied, monitored and controlled to result in the favorable development of all the elements in the bean to create a sweet, bright and delightful cup.

The technology is important for the roasting technician to have control of time and temperature, heat application, and duplicability of roast profile. Minimizing resource input and usage, as well as efficient and effective exhaust of the roasting system, is paramount to producing clean and accurate flavor profiles and roast degrees in each coffee. Utilizing digital applications and control, pneumatic coffee bean transport and quality assurance standards assists greatly in this quest.

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Above Photos by Dane Haman

Roasting Excellent Coffee

Alpen Sierra has chosen the Loring Smart Roast system for our production needs. Through the combination of a convective heat application within a paddle-churned drum, we have found that the target goals of our coffee flavor development are achieved in the best and most efficient manner. Utilizing the latest technology is benificial in several ways. Pneumatic bean lifting into the roaster, which minimizes the physical demand and occupational injury potential of our roasting techs, as well as cleaning the green coffee of dirt and dust is of benefit. A destoner is an essential piece of equipment in our quality assurance system, further cleaning the coffee of unwanted debris. Computer control allows for accurate and duplicable roast design, roast degree target and full flavor development.

Selecting Excellent Coffee

Sourcing quality is the number one objective at Alpen Sierra. It all begins with the bean, coffea arabica. Cupping, which is systematic sampling per coffee industry standards of coffees from a single origin for purchase and production, is a necessary foundational and vital component in the process. Quality, not price, is the ultimate determining factor as to which coffees are selected for Alpen Sierra’s offerings. We seek and prefer to purchase certified sustainably-produced coffees.

The species and varietals of coffee grown, whether they be heirloom, such as from the Bourbon or Typica varietals, or hybrids, which are increasingly being developed and grown to withstand global crop decimating diseases, such as roya and broca, play a role in ultimate flavor quality. The three methods of processing, washed, semi- washed, also known as pulp-natural or honey, and natural will have distinctive affects on resulting cup quality, as well. 

Above Photos by Christian Waskiewicz

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