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Blueberry Hibiscus

Organic Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea Sachets

Vibrant, refreshingly tart herbal blend featuring luscious forest berries.



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Rishi Herb Lab

An elegantly simple blend of juicy hibiscus, rich red rooibos and sumptuous elderberries creates a wondrous botanical backdrop to highlight the refreshment of real blueberries. Hibiscus is prized throughout the tropics for its quenching sweet-tart flavor and replenishing effect. A touch of adaptogenic schisandra berries adds bright floral notes. Elderberries, commonly enjoyed to soothe coughs and colds, perfectly complement the luscious, fresh-picked-pint-of-blueberries aroma of this fruity blend. Blueberry Hibiscus is utterly delicious, both hot and iced.

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