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Here at Alpen Sierra Coffee, we love to provide our customers with the ability to get a fresh cup of morning coffee that helps to set their day up right. It is our passion to ensure everyone who interacts with our company can receive the specific coffee experience they desire.





Café Femenino is a 100% women empowered specialty coffee producing program. These coffees are grown and processed exclusively by women, bringing more benefits to homes and communities at origin.

Organic Certified Coffee

Organic certification is the oldest form of sustainable certification for growers, processors and handlers of organic food and other organic agricultural products, ensuring and verifying purity of the process.

fair trade certified coffee

The Fair Trade Certified™ seal represents thousands of products, improving millions of lives, protecting land and waterways in 45 countries and counting. Monies circle back into communities at origin, ensuring work conditions and remunerations are fair and sustainable.

rainforest alliance coffee

The Rainforest Alliance  is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1987 and operating in 60 countries worldwide. The RFA Certified™ seal is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental and social standards. 

Speciality Coffee

You can get a plain black cup of coffee almost anywhere that you decide to go. However, you cannot necessarily get the specialty coffees that we have to offer when you want them. If you look at the full slate of specialty coffees that we offer, you will see that there is a whole world of options available for those who love to drink coffee. 

The nice thing about specialty coffee is that it is fairly easy to pair it up with a variety of different types of foods and flavors. Regular coffee doesn’t necessarily pair with everything you might want to eat, but you can generally find a specialty coffee that will work well for you when it comes to almost anything you want to eat. 

Many of our specialty coffees are also organic. Thus, you can feel great about sipping on these selections and getting the kind of experience you want. 


At Alpen Sierra, we’ve roasted at altitude for 30 years—refining our process to bring out the best of each bean from right here in the Sierra Nevada. One thing we’ve learned along our ascent is that roasting at a higher elevation allows us to gently, yet fully develop sugars to their optimum level, making for a smoother, sweeter swig in every single cup. Up here, great coffee is always in the air.

Give a Coffee Subscription

Karma Coffee

Designed for those who love a great cup of coffee and a good adventure. Our 3, 6 and 12-month coffee subscriptions allow you to give the gift of Tahoe’s Coffee® to family, friends, or your favorite trail buddy. Each month they’ll receive Alpen Sierra’s Coffee of the Month sent directly to their doorstep—allowing you to brighten their day by filling their cup. Karma points, here you come.


Serve Alpen Sierra Coffee

Thinking of becoming a part of the Alpen Sierra family? We’d love to have you join us in our mission to bring ethically sourced, certified organic, Mountain Roasted® coffee to patrons and people everywhere. While our roasts are elevated, our vendor process is always simple and streamlined…because sharing great coffee shouldn’t be complicated.

Wholesale Coffee Products

Avoid the middleman when it comes to your morning coffee. You can get away from having to deal with this entirely by purchasing wholesale coffee products. We will gladly sell you the coffee that you need directly. No more having to try to purchase from a retailer with a big markup. Instead, you can purchase the quantities that you need at a better price. 

We also offer bulk purchasing if you find a flavor that you specifically prefer. You can save a little extra on what you would have spent if you purchased your coffee in smaller quantities. It is something that can help you potentially get more coffee into your home than you would have had the opportunity to in the past.

Coffee for Hunting Camping Hotels Skiing Fishing biking

Now you can drink premium Alpen Sierra Coffee while on the go! The Pour & Explore single serve pour-over coffee is compact, convenient and ready for a day of adventure! Don't leave home without it.
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